Posted by: segebee | May 24, 2009

Of Prophets and Instruments…

I was sitting down early in the morning having breakfast and getting ready for work. I decide to put on the Television to listen to the latest news. After that I changed the channel to MITV where a prophet, was been interviewed.

Then, he announced that he was going to have a ‘special’ service the coming Sunday, and that everyone should come along with a bar of ‘Joy’ beauty soap. I thought I didn’t hear that well, but he said it again and quoted scriptures saying ‘he who believes a prophet shall recieve the reward of a prophet…’. ‘Joy beauty soap’! Well, the rationale was that he would pray on the soap and you would have Joy in your life presumably after bathing with it…Oh and he had those titles, Prophet,Dr…JP…lol.

I have since learnt my lesson on condemning “Men of God”, so I didn’t condemn him straightaway, even though I didn’t believe a believer in his right senses should attend such a programme.

But wait a minute…Of all the miracles done by Prophets in the bible, Elijah, Elisha to name a few; which was normal especially as regards the use of ‘instrument’.

My question to you my esteemed readers is “What’s your take”?


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