Posted by: segebee | May 8, 2009

Do Honest Men Exist? {Joke}

A wealthy man who was about to die called three of his friends, a pastor, a doctor and a lawyer.

He told them “I’ve heard that no one can take their money when they leave this earth. I have $3 million dollars in 3 seperate envelopes under my bed at home. I want you to split it into three, and each of you should throw your $1 million dollars into my grave just before it is covered up with sand”.

On the day of the burial, as the grave was been covered up, the three men threw their envelopes into the grave.

“I am sorry, I needed $250,000 for a church building, so i took $250,000 and threw the remaining into the grave”; the Pastor told the others, unable to hold back.

“I took $500,000 to buy some medical equipments for the hospital and threw the remaining into the grave”, the doctor confessed.

“Gentlemen, I am shocked you could hold unto such large amount of money. I wrote a personal signed check of the full amount and dropped it in the grave…”, the lawyer remarked.

Lol…Ha Ha Ha


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