Posted by: segebee | April 27, 2009

My BarCamp Nigeria 2009 Persona of the day.

The personalities at BarCamp Nigeria were fantastic; right from Justin Hartmann of Afrigator, to Evan Wheeler of RapidSMS from UNICEF, Tim Akinbo, the wonderful Microsoft Representative, Oluniyi David Ajao all the way from Ghana, Stephen who took the session on “Setting up an internet radio station” also Loy Okezie of and a host of others.

However, as difficult as it would be to pick out who inspired me most, I decided to try and guess who I came up with!

Gbenga Sesan of !!!

Gbenga is a “social entrepreneur” who called himself a “noise maker”…lol. You will probably find out more about Gbenga from his site above. Gbenga has been online for a very long time.

Why Gbenga Sesan?

First, his poise and charisma. Gbenga carried himself well throughout the program, but I was really impressed at the way he made the session on “social networks”/”web …” come alive. Kuyinu was also good in this session.

Secondly and Mainly, was his contributions as a panelist. I loved his contributions, his delivery, coinage of terms like “Trust Capital”, his firm understanding of the web sector and his zest for getting the facts and using them to back up his propositions. Like Justin Hartmann (My second Persona of the day), he also encouraged us to just start! and then build on it. I loved what he said on the 1000 hrs principle which states that if you spend …hrs on a subject, you become an expert in it.

So, who was your Persona of the day?



  1. My persona of the day at Barcamp Nigeria 2009 is Gbenga Sesan.
    Gbenga Sesan is someone i admire very much, cos anywhere am opportuned to hear him speak he always delivers.
    He has got charisma and poise as you have rightly identified and he also displayed a good understanding of the sector as a panelist and also as a participant.

  2. @laredo64 true.

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