Posted by: segebee | November 18, 2008

What a Sunday

Last sunday was really a very active one for me.

After the rigorous task of cleaning the jeep for a hardworking fellow like me, my dad manged to leave me at home and head for church.
I played around with my mum, setting her phone’s radio et al, and then decided it was time to get going.

Just then I remembered that i was to be on the programme! OMG! I started running. Got a bike which was paid for by someone luckily, entered a bus and another bike en route to church. Yep! Its that far.

Getting to my teens church, i saw that it had been tiled, i was very happy and checking the roaster discovered that I was not on the program for the day! Sheesh!

Well, instead of a message we had a group discussion on the “place of the holy spirit in our ministry”.

The girls were ready, and I had the hard task of getting the scared boys to get their 3 representatives. I got two of them and added myself.

The boys and girls had their say and I was quite touched by peace’s talk (an almost 13 yr old girl speaking where her seniors where scared).

After the teens pastors contribution, we had other activities and rounded up the service. I called for a general meeting (and a special meeting with the boys) to discuss on our planned dinner. Lazy boys, they disappeared so quickly.

Next thing, the dinner committee chairman tells me the pastor wants to combine the dinner with a concert and he wants none of that. Im furious (by the way im the teens VP) and am gonna have none of that. Alas, the boy got it wrong and made me look like a fool in front of the pastor; that’s what happens when kids organize events. By the way im gonna override most of his decisions from now.

Away from church issues, Toyin gained admission into UNILAG and we talked a while. Couldn’t complete my assignments and Dad almost left me in church again!!! This my dad sha!

On my way to school, we argued on the issue of first class (se mo fe para mi ni). Only God can help me gat that.

The most interesting event of the day was when i boarded a bike to school. On our way, I saw a snake. it was beautiful. Apparently the bike man saw it and decided it would end up in his pot of soup that night. he headed back and ran the snake over. The snake coiled making it difficult to kill. The desperate guy removed his shirt and used it to carry the snake! I couldn’t believe it.

What a sunday!


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